ToughGirl Fitness Bootcamp is a complete fitness and nutrition program that’s for women only and is personalized for every individual.  


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A Complete Fitness and Nutrition Program


A fast paced, high intensity workout that’s always different.  Cardio, kickboxing, core strengthening and overall a fun workout that will leave you coming back for more.  Your body will change dramatically with workouts focusing on arms, legs, gluts, abs and more.  Hikes and Park workouts are also incorporated to keep your body from plateauing.


A professional to help you clean your eating habits, monitor your weight and progress.  You will not be guessing any more.  An individualized program to monitor your progress with weigh ins, meal plans and total clean eating schedules.  Nutrition is a huge part of getting the body you have always wanted and we make sure that your efforts are not wasted because of poor nutrition.

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