Future Champions Program

Start young. Finish strong.

What does it take to become a champion? Can a martial art support a parent’s instruction? To excel in any endeavor, individuals need to have a strong set of values and a solid character that gives them perseverance to achieve his or her goals. The Legacy Future Champions Program was created to provide children ages 2-15 with an environment that allows them to experience and understand core values like focus, discipline, persistence, cooperation and respect.

As a contact sport, Legacy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a very challenging yet safe and caring environment for a child to mature towards a real life champion.The outcome of continued childhood practice of BJJ goes far beyond the accomplishments on the mats. The discipline and excellence demanded by our instructors often carries over to the child’s behavior at home and at school.

Kids Gold Team

At Legacy Burbank, in addition to the fundamentals, we also have advanced curriculum for all the kids that want to compete and have goals of becoming Jiu Jitsu Black Belts!  That’s a goal we encourage every student to have.  Our curriculum is the best you can find and our program is proof.  With kids competing and wining at all the high level tournaments, we have the perfect environment for everyone to flourish.

Kids No Gi Training

No Gi  is also something we offer at Legacy Burbank that you will not find at any other Jiu Jitus Academy.  Our program is designed to teach kids the art of grappling without a Gi.  Our program focuses on technique, strength and timing.

Tiny Cranes & Parent

At Legacy Burbank, we start children at the age of 2 as they are at the perfect age to start learning to focus, follow directions and some basic technique.   Tiny Cranes is a Parent and Me Program which gives parents the opportunity to bond with their little one.  Classes are high energy and fun, filled with games, obstacle courses and lots of positive re-enforcement.   Our program is specifically designed to keep your child captivated and entertained while learning some very crucial skills.

Our Future Champions Program is typically subdivided in three different groups to accommodate students of different ages and skill levels:

    • Tiny Cranes (2-4 years old)
    • Little Cranes (5-9 years old) 
    • Juniors & Teens (10-14 years old)
    • Gold Team – an advanced program with higher level training ( 6-14 years old)
  • Elite Team  – focused on competition training (6-14 years old)

Every child is different and has different strengths and gifts. We will make sure that they all reach their full potential and grow up to be happy and healthy adults.

Sign up for a Free Private lesson and let us show you why our program is the best! 

Community Service and Fundraising

At Legacy Burbank we are also very proud to sponsor your child’s school and donate lessons and merchandise to their fundraisers.  Please ask us!

Martial Arts Birthday Parties

Our Martial Arts Birthday Parties are every child’s dream!  Our professional team makes sure they have the best time of their lives and makes the parents’s job a lot easier.  Hold your child’s next Birthday Party at Legacy Burbank for hours of FUN, GAMES, MARTIAL ARTS AND PRIZES! Ask us about our packages and reserve your next Birthday Party with us.

Parents Night Out & Pizza Party

Your kids will love our monthly Pizza Parties but really they are set up for you, the parents!  Take the night out on the town or just relax at home with some peace and quiet.  Don’t worry, we will take care of the kids here at Legacy Burbank.  Drop them off for 4 hours of fun, games, dancing and pizza!  Usually held on Saturday nights from 6-10pm.  They will be exhausted and ready for bed after 4 hours of games and exercise and you will be rejuvenated after much needed adult time.  Everyone is happy.

In House Tournaments

Our In House Tournaments are much anticipated for our adult and kids as they are the best way for them to get confident and gain some experience in competing.  We set up everything just like a professional Tournament except that your children will be surrounded by all their piers and coaches.  There is no better way to prepare for competition and if your child has that competitive drive, you won’t want to miss these.  Competitions are a great way to test out all you have learned and and to also learn to manage feelings of victory and loss.  These are the life lessons that will always confront us no matter our age.