What is Kettlebell Fitness


Kettlebell Fitness is the fitness program created by Fitness innovator and BJJ world champ Joey Alvarado. Kettlebell Fitness combines traditional kettlebell and bodyweight training and fuses them with elements of MMA/BJJ for a full body workout.  Every Kettle-Jitsu Bootcamp contains mobility to warm up all of your joints and prevent injury, ab training to strengthen your midsection, bodyweight training to burn fat and build muscle awareness, and Kettlebell training to develop functional strength in your muscles and build a stronger core. Kettlebell Fitness utilizes the muscle confusion training principle so that every week you experience a different workout. Kettlebell Fitness Co Ed bootcamp is a high paced and fun workout that can be enjoined by men and women of all fitness levels. Workout are always tailored to each individual’s work capabilities. Creator of Kettlebell Fitness Joey Alvarado is a world renowned expert of kettlebell/bodyweight training and author of several fitness dvds that have received 5 star reviews on Amazon. Joey personally teaches all of the classes at Legacy Burbank.