Head Instructor at Legacy BJJ brings home the Gold at IBJJF 2015 No Gi Masters Worlds! Congrats.

Are You A Real Black Belt Or A Fake One?

– Listen up my young bucks and my old man BJJers.  I’ve been hearing this thrown around lately.  That quote “He’s not a real Black Belt” or better yet “He’s a fake Black Belt”.  Do you have to be the level of a Miyao Brother winning the Brown Weight and Absolute at the World Championships? Do you have to train 2 times or even 3 times a day? If you just show up to class 2 Times a week for 10 years, regardless if you attain a certain technical level or you get beat by everyone, what about after 15 years? Is that ok? Do you still deserve it then? What about if your super athletic and your able to tap everyone out, including World Class Black Belt competitors and you get your black belt in 4 yrs is that ok? Isn’t that too fast, are you a legit or real Black Belt? Or do you have to be an encyclopedia of techniques, with a complete game from takedowns gi and no gi, with a complete passing and guard game with an array of submissions to hit from any position? Ok your Jiu-Jitsu is great but can you fight? Can you defend yourself in a real life situation? I can go on and on, maybe I will in another post but you get my point. What makes your BJJ Black Belt Real or not Real? What does receiving your Black Belt mean? Does it mean you know everything, that your the Master of the Universe? Or is just the beginning of a beautiful life long journey that you’ve grown to accept? Everyone trains BJJ for different reasons and with that we all have different goals. Does it mean one black belt is worth more than another? Would love to hear your thoughts.

See you on the Mat,

Prof Alberto Crane

Professor Alberto Crane Wins Abu Dhabi Pro US Nationals

Congratulations to Professor Alberto Crane for competing in Santa Barbara and for becoming US Abu Dhabi Pro Heavy Open Weight Champ.  He also gets a Free trip to Abu Dhabi to compete in the Worlds in April!   Here are a couple of pics from the tournament.



Professor Alberto Crane playing the FiftyZero game

Professor Alberto Crane playing the FiftyZero game



















Alberto Crane Abu Dhabi Champ

Alberto Crane Interview With LAMA Part 1

Check out this interview with Professor Alberto Crane.   Thanks LAMA!




Team Crane Brazil Trip 2013

Here are the clips from out Team Crane Trip to Brazil.  It was full of adventure, fun and wisdom.

We had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing people and visit breathtaking sites.  This trip was set up for our coaches to experience the Brazil that Professor Alberto Crane has known from his years of living and training there in the late 90’s.  To go back and see his old friends that he came up with in the early Jiu-Jitsu days was amazing and to share it with his instructors is something that they all will forever remember.






brazil team crane trip team crane brazil jiu jitsu trip

Five Grappling Las Vegas A Huge Success

The Vegas Five Grappling Tournament was a great success for both our Adults Gi and No Gi and our Kids Gi and No Gi.   Our Adults recieved the belt for 1st Place and our kids did outstanding as well.

Congratulations to all our competitors and thanks to all the parents and coaches for their hard work and dedication.




Crane Kids Summer Camp 2014 Registering Now!

Registration for our awesome Summer Camp is now open.  Register before May 2nd and get Early Bird Special Price.

Summer Camp

In House Tournament

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In House Tournament is this March 8th !  

Kids –  1-3pm

Adults 3-5pm

Register Now!

Its going to be tons of fun and a great way to get some competition experience under your bjj belt!

kids jiu jitsu

Alberto Crane featured at BJJ Heros

Alberto Crane is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Vinicius “Draculino” being also the first American to become a black belt under the Gracie Barra Academy banner. Alberto Crane stacked a series of accolades as a BJJ and MMA competitor as well as from a coaching stance, having produced several solid grapplers in his carreer as a coach.

Alberto started Gracie Barra Encino when he first moved to Los Angeles from Santa Fe,  New Mexico however his passion for Jiu-Jitsu started when he was 18 and with the encouragement of a few friends, he moved to Brazil to study the art.  He dedicated his life to learning and competing and accomplished the goals he had set out for himself including wining the Gold Medal at the Worlds as a Black Belt.  Alberto moved back to Santa Fe and started his first school there.  Many years later, he is now helping his students achieve their goals and reach their full potential here in Los Angeles.


Gracie Barra Training Etiquitte

  1. Bow to Carlos Gracie Sr. when you enter the training area.
  2. Bow to Carlos Gracie Sr. when you exit the training area.
  3. Keep a respectful posture in the training area.
  4. Classes begin with a formal bow to the instructor, with students lining up in descending grade order.
  5. Classes end with a formal bow to the picture of Grand Master Carlos Gracie Senior, and then to the instructor.

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Muay Thai techniques disclosed in new advanced class

This class is for learning the basics of Muay Thai and to prepare your body for advanced training. First we work on flexibility technique coordination and conditioning. This is a better alternative to cardio kickboxing and great for advanced students or fighters who want to condition and perfect technique.
You will learn the 8 weapons of Muay Thai, punches kicks knees and elbows. You will learn how to use equipment like the power shield, thai pads, heavy bag and belly pad.
You will need workout clothes (Thai trunks) hand wraps and bag gloves for this class.