Are You A Real Black Belt Or A Fake One?

– Listen up my young bucks and my old man BJJers.  I’ve been hearing this thrown around lately.  That quote “He’s not a real Black Belt” or better yet “He’s a fake Black Belt”.  Do you have to be the level of a Miyao Brother winning the Brown Weight and Absolute at the World Championships? Do you have to train 2 times or even 3 times a day? If you just show up to class 2 Times a week for 10 years, regardless if you attain a certain technical level or you get beat by everyone, what about after 15 years? Is that ok? Do you still deserve it then? What about if your super athletic and your able to tap everyone out, including World Class Black Belt competitors and you get your black belt in 4 yrs is that ok? Isn’t that too fast, are you a legit or real Black Belt? Or do you have to be an encyclopedia of techniques, with a complete game from takedowns gi and no gi, with a complete passing and guard game with an array of submissions to hit from any position? Ok your Jiu-Jitsu is great but can you fight? Can you defend yourself in a real life situation? I can go on and on, maybe I will in another post but you get my point. What makes your BJJ Black Belt Real or not Real? What does receiving your Black Belt mean? Does it mean you know everything, that your the Master of the Universe? Or is just the beginning of a beautiful life long journey that you’ve grown to accept? Everyone trains BJJ for different reasons and with that we all have different goals. Does it mean one black belt is worth more than another? Would love to hear your thoughts.

See you on the Mat,

Prof Alberto Crane

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